Mr. Burgermeister is a major antagonist in Frankenweenie.

Mr. Burgemeister is the Frankenstein’s next-door neighbor and Mayor of New Holland.



He is a crotchety fuss-bucket, he is fanatical about his garden and can’t stand Sparky or anything else that threatens the perfection of his tulips. Mr. Burgemeister also asserts his authority over his niece Elsa Van Helsing by making her the reluctant star of his New Holland Dutch Day celebration.



  • His face looks very reminiscent of Finis Everglot from Tim Burton's Corpes Bride, a previous stop motion hit.
  • He did put his arm around Elsa when she was crying, showing that he does care for her, despite being so strict.
  • The mayor was named after and crafted to resemble Burgermeister Meisterburger, the fun-hating mayor of Somber Town from the Rankin/Bass stop motion film Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
  • His first name is revealed to be Bob as Elsa says "Yes, uncle Bob."
  • Burgermeister shows the same disliking Victor Frankenstein, like the way Finis Everglot shows his dislike for Victor Van Dort.