Mr. Rzykruski is the teacher in Frankenweenie.


He seems very tall and slim, like Nassor. He always wears glasses and an old jacket, pants and black shoes. He look very sinister, a little bit like Edgar Allan Poe.


Mr. Rzykruski is the new science teacher at New Holland Elementary School. He is 46-year-old. He has a thick, Eastern European accent and a unique way of explaining things. He connects with his students, but parents misunderstand his passionate teaching style. Mr. Rzykruski serves as a mentor and inspiration to Victor, teaching him that science can do both good and bad things and that if a scientist does not put his heart into his experiment, there could be disastrous consequences.

He was unfairly fired when the parents used him as a scapegoat when some kids got injured while doing science work.



  • Mr. Rzykruski bares a strong resemblance to actor Vincent Price , who's last on screen role was that of the professor in Burton's Edward Scissorhands.
  • This film also starred Winona Ryder, voice of Elsa Van Helsing.
  • Mr. Rzykruski's relationship with Victor may parallel that of Vincent Price and Tim Burton (touched on in more detail in Victor 's profile).
  • He takes his job very seriously, and devotes his time to shaping and enriching the minds of his students. He kindly takes on the role as a mentor to Victor, but does not take to nicknames such as "Mr. Menace."
  • He speaks in a thick Eastern European accent.
  • On the science fair sheet it has the date of Vincent Price's death, the date as when the science fair is.
  • Mr. Rzykruski was voiced by late actor Martin Landau.