Sparky Frankenstein is Victor Frankenstein's dog. When Sparky gets hit by a car, Victor adds a few things to bring him back. He was the star of Victor's movies until the accident and the star of the movie Frankenweenie. Even though he was once dead, he is energetic and can outrun an angry mob. Unlike the other monsters, he didn't turn evil and run amuck in New Holland. His enthusiasm and energy didn't diminish after his two deaths.





  • Since the other monsters are meant to bare a resemblance to the original Universal Movie monsters, Sparky obviously holds a strong resemblance to the Frankenstein's monster from Frankenstein.
  • Sparky and the Vampire Cat's final confontation at the end may represent the heated rivalry of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, as well as the heavily thought upon concept of Dracula vs Frankenstein.
  • Sparky was played by Sparky the English Bull Terrier in the short film.
  • In the movie, he's voiced by Frank Welker, the voice of Scooby Doo.
  • In the film, Sparky bears a strong resemblance to the dog from the "Family Dog" series, a 1993 television show that was produced by Tim Burton.
  • Sparky died and came back to life twice in the movie.
  • Sparky saved Victor twice in the movie when the Vampire Cat tried to attack him.
  • Sparky and Persephone kiss twice in the movie.


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